My lovely books

Books are things that make me most happy in life. They are like windows that look at a different world. They are the most beautiful friends who calm and exciting at the same time.

Anatomy of the spirit: It's one of my favorites. This book has some definite good ideas for self-introspection and evaluation   This is a very insightful book that is particularly suited for individuals who have been on the "spiritual path" for quite some time.   It was an in-depth look at the emotional, psychological, and mental baggage we carry and how it can lead to spiritual and physical breakdowns.    It might sound weird, but after reading this book I feel refreshed. I feel deeper!!! Like I know what's my next step is?  
  • Blood Red Rivers: The writer’s magnificent imagination, ever-growing tension, impressive characters, horrible murders … One is an energetic, experienced cop, the other is a rookie from the streets and a chain of events that brings them together.
  • Adventures in Human Being
  • Notes from Underground: I have never read the inner turmoil and deep confessions of human so impressively.

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