“To love oneself is the beginnig of a lifelong romance…” (Oscar Wilde)

Love yourself first” in the language of everyone everywhere. What does it mean to love yourself? How can’t someone love himself? Self-love is self-satisfaction, which consists of actions that support our physical and psychological health and regulate our spiritual development. We do not come to the world by loving ourselves, it is an emotion that is learned and gained only afterwards. So why is it so important to love yourself? To be happy, to love others, most importantly, to live our dreams and continue our lives. I know it’s easier said than done. It is normal not to know how to start and from where , even if you are not aware of it, don’t worry. Today we will start learning to love ourselves together, step by step … We will learn to love ourselves just as we learned to crawl before walking as a baby. For the first time step by step, we will hold on to our selves, just like we were holding on to our parents or the things around us. We are starting to smile …

Get to know it first! Before we decide whether we love something, we need to know and learn it. In order to understand whether we love ourselves or not, we need to know ourselves first. First of all, we need to know what we think, what we feel and what we want in order to love ourselves. Because a person who loves himself does not act according to the wishes or thoughts of others.

Take care of yourself! To love yourself, you must also love your body and soul. You must be self-sufficient and be happy with yourself. Keep your body healthy, exercise, eat healthy, get good sleep habits, sleep healthy and adequate, keep your mind and body vigorous.

Know your limits! Everyone is a different planet, you have to discover your own planet before you can see other planets. Set your physical or emotional limits and have the power to say no to something that negatively affects you.

Accept your shortcomings! None of us is perfect. Be aware of your weaknesses and strengths. Do not deny their shortcomings, you are whole with them. Be honest with yourself before anyone else, fight for the things you can change, and embrace those who can’t change it.

You are not chocolate! You don’t have to please anyone. Don’t accept people’s thoughts if they’re not right. Stay away from negative people.

You are beautiful as you are! Comparing yourself to someone else, being different from different planets is the most natural way of life.

Forgive yourself! We make mistakes by nature, but if we take lessons from those mistakes, we can grow and continue on our way. Do not punish yourself for your mistakes, just understand what you need to learn from them and continue your way! People do not learn without mistakes!

Be patient with yourself!

You are strong alone! If you love yourself, you will not be afraid of being alone. Do an activity alone once a week. Walk alone, go to the cinema or theater, drink coffee, walk alone. See what you have accomplished with yourself and thank yourself.

            Love yourself to live your dreams!


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    Yine her zamanki gibi mükemmel bir yazı..

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      çok teşekkür ederim 🙂 yüzünüzde küçükte olsa bi tebessüme sebep olduysam ne mutlu bana :))

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